Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What's Your Summer Style?

It was sunny and fairly warm today, which has me thinking about summer.  Also, Good Morning America mentioned this list of the Top 10 Summer Style Trends and said that ponytails are in this summer.  I've got that covered!  My hair is practically always in a ponytail of some kind - because I just can't do anything with hair in my face.  I know there are people who leave their hair down, but I don't know how they can stand it!  But let's just pretend I'm doing it to be trendy, shall we?

I've got some of the other items on the list covered, too.  I love my below the knee skirts and dresses, and I've got the denim shorts, too.  I might even have some coral or pastel nail polish, and if I don't I can get some.  Pretty toes are a great way to be stylish for summer.  Cross-body bags I'll have to pass on - those only work for the flat-chested girls.  A strap between the boobs just isn't attractive, no matter who says it's trendy!

No equestrian apparel made the list, but there are several more Summer style trends listed.  Did any of  your favorite summer fashions or accessories make the list?