Monday, May 16, 2011

MP3 Songs Save Money and Time

We've got a huge collection of music.  We've been collecting 'albums' ever since they really were albums, on vinyl.  Then for a while it was cassette tapes and then CDs, and now we get most of our music from mp3 download sites.  We still buy the occasional CD, but it just makes more sense to a buy a cheap mp3 than to buy an actual packaged CD in the store.

First of all, it usually costs less to buy the mp3 songs, but also it's more convenient.  Or at least it saves us some work.  When we buy a CD, we always rip it to mp3 anyway so we can play it on our mp3 players or computers.  Then, if we're going to want to play that CD in the car, we make a copy so we don't have to worry about anything happening to the original.  And then we put the original CD in a binder with all the rest and don't usually pull it out again - because we've got the mp3's and the copy.  Buying mp3's means we don't have to rip the CDs to use the music on our players or computers.  We can still burn a CD for the music we want to play in the car or van, but there's no actual CD or packaging to store.

I just found this site for mp3 songs download that looks like a great place to get more music.  These are some of the best prices I've seen for songs and albums.  The price for one song is just 16¢ - no extra fees or monthly charges. They'll even give you 2 free tracks just for signing up, so you can see how it works without spending any money.

I'm really tempted to download all the songs and albums we have on vinyl.  I mean, we already own them, but we can't play them right now, and this would be the easiest (and probably cheapest) way to get them into a format we can use.  What do you think?