Thursday, November 15, 2012

He Doesn't Hold Still Much

Beth got free passes to go see a movie tonight, so I got to spend time with the little guy.  Twice in one week - wow!  It's fun having the little guy around, though I have to keep an eye on him at all times or he's into something he's not supposed to get into.  He grabs the remotes for the tv or stereo and points them at the tv, pushing buttons all the while.  He tries to type something on my computer, and always seems to hit some button that doesn't need to be hit.  He pulls pictures and CDs and books off the shelves.  Yep, he's into everything, and he really has a knack for knowing when I'm not exactly paying close attention to him, because that's when he goes for all those things he's not supposed to have!  Of course.

So when he's here I just pretty much hang out with him.  We play with stickers, read books, laugh, and snuggle - as much as I can get him to hold still.  We take pictures together, but it's hard to get him to smile, or to hold still when he is smiling - so I get lots of blurry Jason pictures. 

Or silly pictures of me when he's actually smiling and looking all cute.

We had spaghetti squash with sauce and broccoli for dinner.  He ate all of his and said he was all done, and then when I'd cleaned up after him and sat down to finish mine, he expected me to share with him - and ate quite a bit more.  It was pretty good!

After dinner we went into the bedroom to set up his bed (Pack 'n Play), and he discovered some toys that had been left in the closet from when he used to live here.  Yeah, he can open the closet by himself now.  He was having a good time playing in the closet and wasn't too happy with me when I pulled him out of there and closed the door.  He tried really hard to throw a fit.  It was kind of funny - he'd cover his face and force a really loud cry.  Then he'd stop, and then he'd try it again.  It was so funny, I just started laughing at him, and he gave up and started laughing, too.

When it was time for bed, we put all the toys away.  Jason thought that was a lot of fun.  Then he was ready to sit still, and we snuggled for a bit before I put him to bed - and I haven't heard a thing out of him since.  His mommy will pick him up in the morning on her way to work, and he can start a new day of go, go, go.