Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Hope It's Something They Ate

Beth texted me today and asked me if I could watch Jason for a bit because she had something to do.  Of course I said yes, because I like hanging out with the little guy.

Then she showed up, and she wasn't feeling good.  She said the little guy she babysits has been sick, and now she's getting it.  But Jason hasn't really been around the other little guy - even though they spend the day in the same house - because they were on different schedules, sleeping and being up at different times.  So Jason was fine.

Except it wasn't but a few minutes after Beth had left that I heard Jason coughing in the other room.  I went to check on him and found him throwing up all over his computer.  Yeah, thankfully his computer caught most of it, along with his pants and his sweatshirt.  Poor sweet baby, he had no idea what was happening.

I got him to the bathroom, got his clothes off and got him all cleaned up.  After that, he seemed fine, but I called his mommy and told her she should probably come get him and take him home.  She, of course, was sick herself and couldn't really come get him.  So she called his daddy to come get him and take him home.

In the meantime, I kept a close eye on him and tried to keep him off the furniture and the carpet, trying to avoid needing to call a cleaning service like carpet cleaning calgary.  Of course, he's a busy toddler and keeping him still anywhere is not really possible, so when he threw up again, he did get some on the carpet - and on the shirt he was still wearing - and, there were no extra clothes in the diaper bag, so I was thinking I'd have to send him home wearing just a diaper and some socks, but there was still an outfit hanging in the closet from when he used to live here, so we put that on.  It didn't really fit him, but at least it was something.

Then once his daddy came to get him, I cleaned up the carpet, gathered all the clothes and blankets, and threw everything in the washer.  OH, and washed my hands and washed my hands and washed my hands.  With soap.  I really hope it's something they ate, because I do not want this.  And I hope that sweet precious baby boy feels better soon.  And his mommy too.