Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Last Thanksgiving Here

It will be nice to have Thanksgiving at home this year.  It will be the last year in this house - not that we're quite ready to call ottawa movers  to pack us up and move us out. Yet.  But we certainly better get this house sold and get moved out before this time next year.  Way before!  Like any day now. 

We'll have our daughter, our son, and our grandson here.  My brother and his daughter will be here too, so it will be a nice little family gathering.  Cory is already appreciating the fact that he'll be able to spend Thanksgiving with his own family this year.  Last year we went to Kansas City to spend the holiday and weekend with Jeffrey's dad and his wife, and it was really nice.  Barb always takes really good care of us!  The problem was that Cory couldn't come with us because he had rehearsal to get back for. He did get to spend Thanksgiving with a friend's family, but it just wasn't the same. 

Cory has to be back for rehearsal this year, too, but since we live so close to campus, it won't be a problem.  It won't be quite as convenient next year once we've moved, but at least we'll be close enough that the kids can get down for Thanksgiving, and Cory will still be able to get back for rehearsal when he needs to.  We'll be even closer to my brother and niece.  So, even though we're moving and this will be our last Thanksgiving here, we'll all still be able to get together in the future and make new memories in a new place.  That's definitely something to be thankful for!