Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Repairman Canceled on Me

I called yesterday to find somebody to come and look at my stove to see why the oven won't heat.  I ended up finding someone from right here in Eagle.  I don't know if he was here a few years ago when I was looking for someone to fix the oven.  I didn't see a listing in the phone book.  This time I just went online and searched 'appliance repair Eagle WI' and came up with a list of local repair shops.  (I probably should have searched 'how to fix an oven that won't heat' because I'm finding all kinds of directions and even videos.  Maybe my husband and brother could have fixed the oven over the weekend and saved me the headache.)

I am trying to figure out why I used the phone book last time.  Does anyone really still use the phone book?  Yeah, obviously me - but usually all the phone books that we still get every year just sit in the front closet, until we get the new ones to replace them, and the old ones go into the recycle bin.  Anyway, I called the local repairman, and set up an appointment for today - sometime between 11am and 1pm.

Then this morning I went for my walk as usual, and sometime after I got back I noticed I had a voicemail.  It was someone from the appliance repair place calling to cancel my appointment because they were overbooked and that I should call someone else because they couldn't get to me until next month sometime.  I guess that's good for the company, but not so good for me, because I had to find someone else and didn't get my oven fixed today.

Maybe it's a good thing because I was having this really weird dream right before I woke up this morning.  I dreamed that the repairman showed up at the very end of that 2 hour window - right at 1pm.  He came to the door along with a short lady wearing big sunglasses and a young lady about 18 or 19.  It wasn't until they were all in my kitchen that I realized the short lady hiding behind the sunglasses was my friend Nancy from Kansas City.  What was she doing there?  She just stood in my kitchen laughing because I hadn't recognized her.  The repairman was a scruffy young guy with asthma who didn't seem to be very clear on the idea of personal space.  I didn't see him check or test anything, but he kept telling me how he'd have to order the part and come back to put it in, all the while repeatedly using his inhaler.  I was really happy to have Nancy there, because he creeped me out quite a bit, and I don't think I would have wanted to be alone in the house with him.  Oh, and then my mom just happened to be in the kitchen, too.

I know it was just a dream, and the appliance repairman from Eagle is nothing like that, but...

So today I called a Mukwonago appliance repair man, and he's coming tomorrow - sometime between 9:30am and noon.  Don't you just love those windows?  But I'll be here, and I'll be very happy to get the oven fixed.
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