Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where's the Heat?

So, Thanksgiving is this week.  I'm supposed to be thankful, right?  And I am, really I am - for so many things.
Source: foodnetwork.com
via Anna on Pinteres

I'm also busy, because I've got pies to make, rolls to bake, a turkey to cook, and all the other things that go along with having Thanksgiving dinner.  I started today by baking a Bourbon Pecan pie that smells wonderful. 

But now I'm a bit frustrated, because, when the pie came out of the oven, I turned it off for a bit, until I got ready to bake a pizza for dinner.  And when I turned the oven back on, it seemed to be taking forever to heat up.  I waited and waited and waited - and finally went ahead and put the pizza in anyway, but it just wouldn't cook properly.  I finally just finished it up in my roaster oven.  Thankfully I had that down and ready to use, because I already planned to cook the turkey in it tomorrow - while I was baking the pies and rolls in the oven.

So now, I'm hoping it was just some random glitch and the oven decides to work tomorrow.  If not, well, I guess everything will have to be cooked in the roaster.  I started by baking a pumpkin pie tonight.  It looks and smells great, so I know it's possible to bake everything in the roaster oven - it will just take a lot longer than I'd like.

This happened about 3 years ago, and we got it fixed, but it's not something I really wanted to have to deal with again - and the timing is really bad.  Still, I can be very, very thankful that I do have the roaster oven, right?  As well as plenty of food that needs to be cooked.