Thursday, November 01, 2012

OK, They Like It

Thanks for all your prayers, because the people who looked at the house the other day do like it.  In fact, they gave us an offer - which should be good news and may just yet be good news.  The problem is that their offer is WAY below the asking price - so low that, had it been us, we never would have dreamed of starting that low. It may be a 'buyer's market' but I don't think sellers should be expected to practically give their house away...  But anyway, there's room for negotiation.  Right?

Pray that, if these are the right buyers, they'll agree to a number that actually works for us.  It sounds like they'd really like to live here.  And, if they aren't the ones - keep praying God sends us a buyer - one ready to give us a reasonable offer.  And some good neighbors - for the really great neighbors we have here - that would be nice.