Friday, November 16, 2012

Online Continuing Education

Many professions require some kind of continuing education.  Getting the degree and passing the exams in the first place are good, but it's also important to keep up with new things and continue to learn and grow.  I know teachers have certain requirements as well as Library Directors and, I'm sure doctors and lawyers.

In this age of technology and the internet, continuing education does not have to mean signing up for classes and taking time away from work and family.  For instance, lawyers can sign up for a subscription with west legal center and get unlimited access to online continuing legal education.  They have different subscription levels for everyone from single lawyers to big firms and everyone in between.  They also have live and on-demand programs that can be purchased separately.

I browsed through some of the programs - What Civil Judges Want You to Know; Cheat, Prey, Shove: Three Acts Forbidden by Ethics; and Hot Topics in Legal Ethics 2012 were just a few.  Of course, the closest I've come to being a lawyer is reading John Grisham books, but I'm sure all those are relevant and important to actual lawyers.  They even have a mobile app, making it possible for lawyers to continue their education anywhere.  Not all programs are compatible with the mobile app, but how convenient is that?

They offer a complimentary site demo, and just for checking it out, they'll give you a code to take one of their courses for free.  Sounds like a great way to see if this online continuing legal education is for you, or the lawyer in your life.  Me?  I think I'll go read a John Grisham book!