Thursday, January 03, 2013

Brain Dead? Really?

Is it only me or does it appear like a few of the remarks appear as if they are coming from brain dead visitors?
I love comments, but recently the only ones I've been getting are spam comments.  They sound sort of nice and flattering, but really they don't make any sense.  Or they ask questions like the one above that seem directed specifically toward those stupid spammy commenters. 

The comments always end with an invitation to visit a blog or website.  Of course, they're just a not-so-cleverly disguised attempt to slip in a free link.  Thankfully most of them are on old posts, and I've got it set up to moderate comments on old posts, so I get an email giving me the options to Publish, Delete, or Mark as Spam.  I've been marking a lot of them as spam.

Doesn't it just seem that these spammers are wasting their time?  What is the point, really?  I mean, they're really annoying, but I don't see how they think they're accomplishing anything.