Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Letting Go

We had another showing of the house this week.  I spent all day Monday cleaning and straightening the house to get ready for it.  It's not like it was so bad, but I like it to be perfect when people come to look at it, because then they'll like it, right?  It must have worked, because the people liked it.  They even made an offer.  Again, a low offer.  I know it's supposedly a buyer's market, but that doesn't mean we can be expected to give the house away, and we need to be able to buy a new house, without having to get a mortgage a lot bigger than what we have now.  So we countered the offer - lowered our price, agreed to pay the closing costs they asked for, and to pay for a home warranty - and they walked away without bothering to negotiate further.  So I guess they weren't the ones, and we just have to be patient.

In the meantime, I was panicking a bit.  Yes, I know we've been trying to sell this house for a few months, but the idea of actually selling it and moving - it's hard.  We talked about this when Jeffrey was looking for a new job, but an actual offer and the possibility that it could be soon, made me realize that I might be having just a little bit of a hard time letting go.  I like my house.  I like my neighborhood.  I like that the kids are close.  But, you know what?  Besides the kids - and they/we can visit - it's all just stuff.  I need to keep reminding myself of that.  Selling the house and being able to call demenagement international montreal or some local moving company (how much is that going to cost?) is a good thing.  Being able to go live with my husband again is a good thing.

So, while this particular buyer didn't pan out, I know there will be one, and I need to be prepared for that - both emotionally and for real.  Time to get back to organizing, sorting, and getting rid of the extra stuff we just don't need any more.  We're going to move on so we might as well move on a bit lighter, right?  Also, I need to concentrate harder on emptying out the freezer.  When we sell the house, if we haven't found another one right away - and bought a new freezer since we're leaving this one here - I'll have to survive with just the freezer space in that apartment refrigerator.  That means this freezer must be emptied before that, or else I'll have to start farming things out and giving things away.

Yeah, so much going through my head in the space of a couple days when I was trying to figure out how to be ready to move out and move on in less than two months.  Now if I can just tap into that panic to get the things done that need done - I work best with deadlines, which is probably why this is suddenly hitting me even though I've had plenty of time to adjust and prepare.

I tend to put things off until I have time to do them right, but that's another story.
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  1. Or you can give me everything in the freezer lol love you mommy


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