Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Such a Pitiful Boy

Beth left Jason with us last night so she could go out for New Year's.  I don't really understand the whole point of going out and celebrating the whole thing.  So I have to take one calendar off the wall and put a new one up - I hope I actually have a new one - but what's the big deal in that?

But anyway, Beth wanted to go out, so we got to have the little guy.  He really is a happy little guy and always seems to have fun when he's here.  He just likes his mommy (and his daddy).  If he thinks either of them is going to go off and leave him, he's not a happy camper.  Last night Beth tried to sneak out while Jason was playing with his Papa and hopefully too distracted to notice.  He noticed.  Right before she walked out the door, he looked her way, and he noticed.  And he was not happy.  We had drama.

Is it wrong that we didn't really take him seriously?

A few minutes later he was happily sitting on his Papa's lap sharing animal crackers.  Soon after that he went to bed and snuggled up without a fuss.