Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jason's Big Weekend

Jason got to ride in an ambulance twice last night and then spend the night in the hospital.  Very scary night for his parents.

He was beginning his weekend with his dad, and he found an open bottle of tea tree oil, and he drank some of it.  They immediately called Poison Control and were told to call 911, and he got his first ambulance ride to the hospital in Waukesha. From there they sent him by ambulance to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee where he had to spend the night.  He was having some breathing problems and was very lethargic, and they needed to keep an eye on him.

Thankfully it was just something that had to get out of his system, and now he's safely back home with his daddy.  Definitely NOT the kind of weekend his daddy had planned with him, I'm sure.

It's just scary how quickly a little guy can get into things.  And he's getting taller so he can reach things he didn't used to be able to reach.  Now things we think are put up out of his reach aren't out of his reach anymore.  The other night when he was here I was getting ready to cut some onions and mushrooms for our scrambled eggs, and he reached up and almost got his hand on the handle of the knife.  I was right there and quickly pushed the knife and cutting board further from the edge of the counter, but how quickly he could have gotten a hand on that knife and knocked it off and maybe hurt himself.

Oh, little boy!  And we're not used to having a little guy around, so it's hard to think of everything. Of course that's why I can't get anything done when he's here - I have to keep an eye on him every second.  It doesn't have anything to do with just wanting all the hugs, kisses, smiles, and goofiness I can get!  So glad that little guy is OK!!