Tuesday, January 01, 2013

It's Cold Outside

We had below zero temperatures this morning.  It was sunny and looked like a nice day, but it was cold.  Now, normally I walk every morning unless the wind chill is colder than 20 below zero, but I didn't even go outside today.  I just believed the thermometer!  Actually, I was going to go walking, but Jason spent the night with us last night, and about the time I woke up this morning and was thinking I should get up, get dressed, and go for my walk, Jason woke up.  So I just didn't end up going.

Instead we stayed in, had our coffee, and enjoyed our grandson.  We also enjoyed the fact that we have a nice snug house and a working furnace.  It certainly wouldn't do to get to the coldest day of the year (so far) and have furnace problems and have to call for furnace services hamilton or something like that.  The power was out for a couple hours last night, and it started to get a bit cold in the house.  It was enough to make us appreciate the furnace when the power came back on and the heat kicked in.  Sometimes we tend to take these things for granted instead of always realizing how good we have it.

Speaking of taking things for granted, it might not be a bad idea to think about a service like furnace cleaning hamilton just to get the furnace and everything associated with it checked over - sometime when we're not really depending on it.  They say maintaining the furnace, whether by checking and cleaning the filters regularly or by getting a professional check-up and cleaning, will help it run more efficiently and save on energy bills.