Wednesday, January 02, 2013

He's a Handy Man

My husband is really handy to have around.  If something needs fixed around the house, he can take care of it.  Me?  Well, that's why I have him, of course!

Except that these days he's living elsewhere all week and only home on the weekends.  Now, when something breaks or isn't quite right, I hope it isn't too serious so that he can fix it on the weekend.  Or I figure out how to do it myself, like changing the light bulbs that Jeffrey usually changes.  It's not really that difficult; I just need to find a step-stool so I can reach them.

I also take advantage of technology to try and let him know what is going on, so he can figure out how to take care of it ahead of time. Several weeks ago the toilet in the master bathroom started acting up.  The tank just would not fill up properly.  How do I explain what is going on to him?  Take video with my cell phone and send it to him!

I don't know if he could actually tell what was going on from that video, but he went to Menard's and got the parts so that he could fix the problem when he came home for the weekend.  I had to turn the water to the toilet off and use the one in the hall bathroom for a few days, but I didn't have to call the professionals from plumbing toronto or even our favorite plumber from Minnesota, and now our toilet works perfectly.

I ought to start compiling a list of local professionals, though - just in case something goes wrong that can't wait until the weekend.  NOT that I expect anything like that, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared, right?  I could always leave the list for the new owners when we sell the house, because maybe he won't be such a handy man.