Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh, Pinterest!

Heart shaped candle favors
Heart shaped candle favors (Photo credit: Regal Ribbons)
I'm having a really hard time getting anything done today - and it's not just because I keep going through doors and forgetting what I'm about! (See last post)

No, I settled down to get busy this morning, checked my email, and promptly got distracted by Pinterest!  Somebody started following one of my boards or repinned one of my pins, or some such thing.  So, of course, I had to go check it out.  If you're on Pinterest, you'll understand.  If you're not, let me explain.

Pinterest is this beautiful site full of images and links from all over the internet.  There are so many people pinning and sharing and so many wonderful things just begging to be explored.  It's really easy to get completely and totally immersed - liking and clicking and pinning while scrolling down the never-ending page.  Seriously, have you ever actually come to the end of the page on Pinterest?  It just keeps fetching more and more pins!

I mostly use Pinterest to collect recipes I want to try, and I've found some really good ones there.  It's certainly a good way to save recipes for later browsing and inspiration when I'm wondering what to fix for dinner.  I also collect instructions for craft projects I'll probably never actually get around to trying, but you never know. I've noticed that a lot of people use Pinterest to plan their weddings.  It's a great tool for pulling together all those little details, everything from possible dresses to where to get personalized ribbon for favors. See an idea or something wedding-related, pin it!  It really is so handy.

The problem, I think, is narrowing it down in the end, when it really comes time to plan that wedding.  I remember having no clue where to start when it came time to plan our wedding. What exactly was supposed to go into a wedding?  Thankfully, we came up with something very simple that worked for us.  It did not involve favors, tied up with personalized ribbon or otherwise.

A few years later we helped some friends with their wedding - not the planning itself, but a lot of the set-up and helping with the details the day of.  That's when I realized that planning a wedding could be a whole lot more complicated than what we did - and I was very thankful that I hadn't even known some of those details could (should?) be a part of a wedding.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Imagine if I'd had Pinterest back then - I could have been so swamped by possibilities that I couldn't have planned anything.  Really, I find it so much easier to make a decision when I don't have so many things to choose from.  (Does anybody remember how hard it was to make all those choices when we were having the house redone?)  I can just see being sucked into the Pinterest vortex, pinning, pinning, pinning, never coming to the end.  Yeah, it's a good thing...

In the end, we're just as married after our simple wedding as those who put together a big, fancy wedding.  It's not really about the wedding after all - it's about the marriage!
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