Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ask Jud

Check out this website! Ask Jud any question and get the answer. It's amazing. How does Jud know the answer to any question? Well, there is a secret, and you can only fool your friends if you don't tell them. Here's how I fooled my friends and made sure Jud answered all of their questions the way I wanted him to answer:
When you are typing in your "petition" press the period key (.), this will activate the "answer", now type in the answer to the question you are about to ask. The letters that you type do not appear on the screen, instead, the phrase "Jud, please answer" is printed in the input field. When you are done typing the answer, press the period key (.) again to return to normal typing. Finish the phrase "Jud, please answer:" Be sure to include the colon (:) and this will allow you to type your question. As soon as you put the question mark (?) in, Jud reveals the answer!
There's a rival site to where, instead of asking Jud you ask peter - but you're going to have to find that one for yourselves!

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  1. I actually prefer Ask Jud to Peter Answers now - the look is much cleaner and easier to see.


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