Thursday, July 19, 2007

Travel Plans

I've never done much traveling. I've been to Mexico a few times and to Canada, though I don't remember that. Maybe someday - when the kids are grown and gone. I'm thinking traveling around Europe might be something the kids will decide to do. We knew some young people a while back who packed their backpacks and traveled Europe by rail. It sounded like so much fun and had me wishing I was young and could go along with them. I just never thought of doing anything like that - until they did. Of course, when I was younger, we didn't have the Internet to help plan a trip like that. Having the Internet and being able to look up stuff like France Rail Pass Information and being able to check prices and schedules ahead of time makes planning a trip so much easier - and makes the parents feel more comfortable, too. Rail Shopper explains everything, like which pass to get for going where and lots of other useful tips for traveling by train in Europe. I think it would take a while to read through all this information, and I would love to see a map of the train routes or something a like that because it would help me picture it better.

Wouldn't it be fun to map out a tour of Europe? I'll have to get the kids started planning, and saving.