Monday, July 09, 2007

Paintball, Anyone?

The kids are getting older. We used to do all kinds of fun things together, but now they don't like the same old things. I think it's time for a new activity, and I'm thinking, "What about paintball?" I've seen it on television, and it looks like fun. You get to play with guns and shoot people, after all, and it's legal. I think we'll have to start someplace where we can try it for a while to see how much we like it. After that, it's time to get all our own equipment, right? First, we'd need some Spider paintball guns. The Spyder VS3 looks pretty deadly. It shoots up to 30BPS. Or we could start with the Spyder Pilot and get a whole package that includes a mask, battery, and spare parts kit to name a few of the things included in the box. I'm not really sure how to pick the best Spyder paintball guns, but I do believe the idea of buying a complete kit sounds like a good way to start.

I will have to browse around the site at Ultimate Paintball to see what looks good. They say that the Spyder Pilot ACS is one of their top selling guns, so that may be the way to go. But then again, I may find something I like better. Either way, Ultimate Paintball offers the best prices - and FREE shipping - so, if I'm going to be buying paintball equipment, from guns to safety gear to air systems to paintball tubes and paintball gloves (Wow! I'm gonna need a lot of stuff!) - they're the place to buy.

This post was sponsored by Ultimate Paintball, but they've asked to have all links removed.  If you're interested in any of their paintball equipment, I'm sure you can find them with an Internet search.