Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cell Phone Changes

You know how I was frustrated a while back because Beth was always running off with my cell phone and 'playing' with it? Now that phone is pretty much hers. Technically, the phone now belongs to both of the kids, but you know Beth has claimed it as her own. Still, if Cory needs a phone for any reason, that is the one he's going to take - unless, of course, Beth is out driving somewhere. I really don't want her driving without the phone - just in case something would happen.

Since Beth had done something to my cell phone, so that it was all chewed up and scratched up, we decided she would continue using that one, and I got a new one. I also got a new number because there aren't that many people who even know my cell phone number, but Beth's friends are always calling my old number. Somehow she forgot to mention that it was my phone and not hers. Anyway, I have a brand-new, unscratched phone, and a brand-new number all for me, and already today, I got a wrong number call. Oh well, at least it wasn't a call for one of Beth's friends.

I'm still not going to be happy if Beth is on the phone all the time. There's really no need. If calls at all hours of the night start showing up on the statement, no matter that they don't cost anything, she will not be taking the phone in her room at night. The first morning after she claimed it? She slept with the phone on the pillow next to her. Me thinks she's a little attached.