Thursday, July 05, 2007

Call Us

I think I mentioned that Beth is gone for the week. She went "Up North" with a friend. Our cell phone plan does not extend that far north. If she took one of our phones, which, at this time, would be mine, she may not even get a signal. If she did get a signal, every minute she used would be roaming, and that can cost plenty of money. So, we didn't send a phone with her. There is a land line in the cabin, and she was supposed to call Tuesday night when they got up there so we would have the number - just in case we would need to get in touch with her. She didn't call, until 6pm today, Thursday. All right, maybe she forgot. Then again, maybe it was a long distance call and she felt funny using their phone. Here is where a good online phone card would have come in handy. By using the phone card, she could have known that she (well, we) would be paying for the phone call. She could dial the access number and PIN and the minutes would be charged to the account. The rates are good, too - as low as 1.8¢ per minute. Pingo will even give us $5 in calls just for signing up - that can be up to 4 hours of international calls, because even the international rates are good. Not that we need international calling, but you never know.

Using Pingo sounds really simple, and we wouldn't even have to send an actual card along with Beth. All she'd need is the toll-free access number (so it wouldn't cost anything to call from any phone) and the PIN. I think it is a good idea for next time. The thing is, with this kind of call access, she'd be calling the boyfriend instead of calling us!

For more free call credit, users can create their own Usermercial, too.

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