Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes
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Update on those dishes:

I knew there was no way Beth got the dishes clean in 10 minutes. When I went back upstairs for something, there was a whole pile of dishes that she had left dirty, as well as a sink full of nasty water. But she's not home any more. She left to go to a movie with her boyfriend before Cory had finished drying them. Why she was allowed to leave before her job was finished is beyond me. That was part of the deal - do the dishes first. Like I said before, if she'd just do them right the first time, they would be done. Now she will have to wash them again tomorrow, along with any additional dishes that get used.

And I still have a dirty kitchen.

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  1. Ha! I used to have a real problem with doing the dishes then I found help. It's called headphones and good music. If I listen and work at the same time I get it done faster, maybe you could thinking about making this suggestion to her.

    Here from Michele's.


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