Thursday, July 19, 2007


Cory called to set up his appointment at Kelly Services so he can fill out his paperwork and be all employed - at least for a few days. He's on the phone, and comes out to ask me if 9:30 is alright. 9:30am? Tomorrow. I'm running things through my head trying to figure out any way to possibly make that work. Cory's not even usually out of bed by that time. Never mind. I can get him up earlier. But tomorrow is Friday. I can't take a quick shower. I need to shave my legs, and that's not quick. So, if we need to be like 45 minutes away at 9:30am, what time do we have to leave? I guess I could take him before my shower, but I really don't like going out in public like that. Yes, I go out walking like that, but that's excusable. Actually going somewhere? Not so much.

So he asked if we could go sometime in the afternoon. Anytime before 3pm. That works.