Monday, July 23, 2007

Got Pain?

my Freeze It samplesI received some samples in the mail last week. They were samples of a product called Freeze It. I read the enclosed letter and glanced at the sample packets, and my first thought was that I was supposed to put them in the freezer and freeze them. Then apply the packet to the pain? Of course, then I read the instructions and realized that these packets contained a pain relieving gel that is to be applied directly to the skin. The name Freeze It refers to the way the gel makes your skin feel when you put it on.

Ok, so I have these samples, and now I need to use them. Do I have pain? Does anyone else in the family have pain? Luckily, Beth had spent the night with her friend Kayla, and sleeping on Kayla's couch had caused her neck and shoulders to be really sore. Not that I wish pain on anyone, especially my kids, but I needed to try this stuff! I rubbed it onto her neck and shoulders and told her to tell me how it felt and worked. It was a nice green gel with a very pleasant smell - not perfumey or anything, but menthol. It was easy to see where I was rubbing the gel, and then it dried quickly so I didn't have to worry about Beth leaning back and getting any on the furniture. The label says greaseless and non-staining, and I say that's very important!

More important? Does it relieve pain? Beth said that right away it got really cold, which felt pretty good. I guess that's where the Freeze It name comes from. She said it helped with her pain and made her feel better, so that's good. I didn't wash it all off my hand right away after rubbing it on her, and my fingers ended up feeling cool and tingly for a while. It was kind of a neat feeling, but since I didn't have any pain, I couldn't tell how it worked for pain. Since then I have read some of the Freeze It web site and noticed that someone is using it for Restless Legs Syndrome. I'm not sure I have RLS exactly, but sometimes my legs do some strange things. I'm looking forward to trying Freeze It for that - next time my legs start acting up.

We got a couple applications from one sample packet, so I think a little goes a long way with this. I think I would like to have the roll-on application. That just sounds ideal to me - I would be less likely to squeeze too much out like I did with the sample packets. Freeze It is available at many retailers and looks like a good value for the money. Affordable, convenient pain relief. I can appreciate that.