Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Kids are Gonna Work

It sounds like the kids are going to get to work practically every day at the Wisconsin State Fair. They're pretty happy about that, because they will make quite a bit of money. I can't remember how many days Beth worked last year, but she's getting more this year. Cory has band camp the first week of August, so he'll miss the opening day of the fair, but after that he's working too. At first Beth wasn't thrilled at all about her brother working too, since they will have to work together. It just doesn't make sense otherwise or there would be a lot of driving involved. This year, since Beth can drive, it will be nice. Last year, Jeffrey had to leave work to take Beth and Cristina to the fair and then pick them up after work. This year it sounds like they will be working the afternoon/evening shift, so Beth can drive down there and drive home after work. Cristina's working again this year, too, so the three of them will be working together.

We took Cory and got his work permit yesterday, so today he has to call Kelly Services and get an appointment set up to go fill out his paperwork. The girls already did that last year, so they're taken care of.

Beth is also working this week and next at the Italian/pizza place in Palmyra to cover for her friend Ali, who is on vacation. Last night was her first night. She was a little worried about not knowing what she was doing, though she did go in a couple of times with Ali to get some training. It sounds like she did fine, and the owner/manager (I'm not sure which) of the place offered her a regular job, two nights a week. So far she doesn't have anything else lined up, so this will be good. Two nights a week is better than nothing, and maybe plenty when school starts. Another good thing about it is, that if she's still working there during school, she can walk to work after school and doesn't necessarily need to drive. Yes, someone will have to pick her up after work, but that's ok.