Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Always Working on the Car

Every once in a while we get a box of car parts that shows up on our front step. Beth's boyfriend Tim has been working on fixing his car up. From what I understand, he's got two Dodge Neons, and he's using parts from one in the other one, switching things around, ordering new parts, etc. Eventually, he'll have one car fixed up just the way he likes it, and he'll have another one to sell. He's trying to decide if it would be better to just sell it for parts or as a complete car. Either way, he spends a lot of time working on the cars.

Anyway, the car parts. Why do they come to our house? Tim doesn't have his own bank account, so Beth orders the parts for him, puts them on her credit card and has them sent here, and Tim pays her back. I think he gets a lot of his parts on eBay, so there's no guarantee or customer service. I wonder if he knows about Car Parts Warehouse (www.carpartswarehouse.com) where they have parts for all brands of cars. They guarantee the lowest prices and have free shipping, and offer toll free sales and support. You can't get that on eBay, so check it out if you need parts for your car.

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  1. I have a brother who is a mechanic...he specializes on VW's so he doesn't work on my car, but he gets a discount from the car part shop so he always orders my parts for me. Yay for brothers! ;o)


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