Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Love My GelPro Floor Mat

Remember a while back I entered that giveaway to win a GelPro kitchen floor mat? Well, I didn't win, but I did get a GelPro mat of my own. I was contacted by someone working with the company, and she asked me if I'd like to try one and review it on my blog. Of course, I jumped at the chance because I really wanted to try one of these mats!

The GelPro kitchen mats come in many different styles and colors. The one I chose is the Cordoba style in the Chestnut color. It ended up being a little browner than I had expected, but it still goes really well with my kitchen, and most importantly, it is so nice to stand on. What makes it so nice is that it has a soft, shock-absorbing gel core. I've never tried gel inserts for my shoes, but I'd guess this is like that - only better, and since I never wear shoes in the house, those wouldn't help me anyway. This floor mat is 100, 200, 300% better than those decorative kitchen slice rugs I've always had before. The only cushion those provided was from the rubberized backing.

I took this image off the GelPro website because the pictures I tried to take of my comfy feet on my own mat didn't turn out very well - so you get the mat, and no feet. Doesn't it look nice?

I spend a lot of time at the sink, preparing food and cleaning up after, so I put my mat right there in front of the sink. It has a non-stick backing, so it stays put wherever you put it, and it cleans up easily with just a wipe of a wet rag. It's new, it's pretty, I like to keep it looking good, and sometimes I even go into the kitchen and stand on it even when I don't have to. Cory really likes it, too - but apparently not enough that he's willing to volunteer to wash the dishes!

After using my GelPro floor mat for a few weeks, I believe GelPro when they say they have created the world's most comfortable and attractive anti-fatigue floor mat. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, I would definitely recommend these floor mats. They help alleviate foot pain and lower back pain, and they look nice while they do it!


  1. Oh I am so jealous. I have been coveting one of these for so long but they are a little out of my price range. A few years ago I fractured my back and while I am okay now, standing for a long time bothers my back. I love to cook and these look so perfect to have in the kitchen. It would be so great to have one. COngrats on getting your gel pro. I am hoping one day I get one!!!

  2. Oh I like that! The regular floor mats get so dirty and you can never wash them without ruining them.

  3. These sound so wonderful. I have had 3 failed back surgery with nerve damage down my left leg and into my left foot and find it nearly immpossible to stant for any length of time to clean up let alone cook. I love to cook but haven't been able to do it much since 2001. I'm also disabled because of my problems and live on a very limited income while raising my 8 y/o grandson with guardianship who is a meth child. I will have to save up my money to buy one of these. I'd like a longer one in front of the sink and dishwasher and s smaller matching one for in front of the stove. At the point I don't even care about the color but I'm sure I will when I get ready to order one of these. I seen someone like this one one of the TV selling sights today - first time I've ever seen them and I have to have me a couple. They look wonderful for everyone not just handicapped people like myself. It would have to help you balance your weight while standing in one spot in the kitchen like we all do. Thank you Thank You Thank You for these mats.


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