Monday, March 02, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

We've lived in this house for more than 10 years, and we still don't have a deck or patio. I'm not really complaining, because I didn't want to go into debt just so we could have a patio. A lot of the people in the neighborhood don't wait - there was even a house or two that had a patio before even getting a driveway. I guess it's all about your priorities, and while having a patio will be nice, it has never been a big priority for us. But now I think we're getting closer to having that patio.

Jeffrey has it all planned out, and he even had someone come and dig the holes for the pergola posts last fall. As soon as the weather gets warmer, he's got a project to work on - putting in the pergola - and then we can work on the patio. It would be nice if we could get it done this year. I've been looking at some patio furniture and I'm starting to picture how nice it is going to be. Done right, a patio can be like a whole extra room on your house, and I think we'll spend a lot of time out there. I'm already looking forward to sitting out there having my coffee in the mornings and having dinner out there, too. Since Jeffrey is building a pergola for shade, we won't need any of these patio umbrellas to make it shady and comfortable.

We will definitely need a nice table and some comfy chairs, though. What I don't know is if I want wicker furniture or cast aluminum, cushions or not. Seriously, there are so many choices. I don't think I realized how many until I started looking around the Today's Swim & Patio website. It's nice to be able to look around and get an idea of what I like, before I have to actually make a decision. I have a little while.


  1. I'd help ya, but I HATE making decisions and avoid them at all costs ;-P

  2. oh man a patio never thought of what I can do with my newone at my new house... great thanks for sending me into a tail spin with this one now..... enjoy hope it gets warm soon

  3. Patio is the place where you can take time to relax. You can also use it as guest area, its really a cool place in home.


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