Sunday, March 15, 2009

Save $2 on Snuggle

Snuggle, the fabric softener with the cute teddy bear on the label, has just released two new fabric softeners. They're called Snuggle Crème, and they come in two scents, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Essence. Smells bother me a lot of times, but the website describes these fragrances as delicate, so I'm hoping that means they're nice but not overwhelming. The Sweet Almond fragrance sounds nice, but I won't really know until I get to the store and smell them for myself.

Snuggle Crème is supposed to leave your clothes feeling smooth, soft, and delightfully fresh to wear. Sounds nice, right? What's even nicer than soft, fresh clothes? Soft, fresh clothes for less money, of course! Click on the teddy bear to print a coupon and save $2.

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