Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Heads or Tails – Getting There

This week's theme/prompt is:
HEADS – Getting There

There was a choir concert at school last night, and Jeffrey helped by running the sound. I had a Band Boosters meeting so I didn’t get to see/hear the concert, but I did help him carry stuff in and pack it up when things were over. Beth had to work, and Cory had a Forensics meet, so neither one of them was available to help. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about – don’t worry, I’m getting there.

Toilet paper

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What I'm getting to is – the restroom. I realize it’s a school, and the stalls are probably a little small, but every time I go in there I wonder how you’re really supposed to get in there. It was bad enough before, when they had regular toilet paper holders on the wall, but a while back they replaced those with the really big paper holders that hold those huge rolls. I’m sure it’s supposed to save money and be more efficient, but it’s practically impossible to get into one of those stalls now. First you have to open the door all the way, push it right against the wall. Then, you have to slide past the big paper holder on the other wall of the stall and get in between the toilet and the wall with one leg, so there’s room to close the door, and then you can step back around the toilet paper holder and the toilet to take care of business. And then, of course, reverse the process to get out. This problem is, of course, not limited to the school restroom. This seems to be a problem in a majority of public restrooms. Getting in there and getting out is just not easy.

Now, I’m not a big person, so every time I go through this process, I wonder how people who are a little larger or less able to move are able to get there at all. Maybe they’re all waiting for the one handicapped stall – otherwise known as the only stall with a door that opens out and that has room to turn around in. Any ideas – besides drinking less water and avoiding public restrooms altogether?

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  1. My mother has had 2 strokes and never uses anything but the handicap stall now, she cant make those twisting turns. My daughter is 6 & tiny, and even she has to turn sideways at the elementary school.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  2. I have always thought the stalls were poorly designed and they aren't getting better. Good post!

  3. I AM a big person and I DO use the giant handicap stall. :)

    But I hate those humongous toilet paper roll holder things. My Lord. Who invented those? You can never find the end of the roll and when you do and start to pull some out it rips after a sheet and a half and that is so darn thin you can see through it.

    Thanks for playing. :)

  4. You are SO right! I'm quite small, but even I have to 'do the twist' sometimes!

    And, I totally agree with Skittles about those toilet paper holders!!!

  5. This is such a funny HoTs... I so get you about the size of the stalls... Thanks for stopping by my HoT...


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