Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's Twitter?

So, a couple posts ago when I mentioned that a tweet could win you a MacBook Air - the post that I should have told Cory about because he doesn't always read my blog - my dad left a comment saying that no, he doesn't use Twitter. He doesn't even know what it is or why he should want to use it. He also said something about being stuck in the twilight zone or something, but that's not really true. I mean, he may be somewhere in the boonies in Kentucky, but he's pretty with it. He even has his own blog! It's called On Cedar Ridge, and it's really interesting - and I'm not just saying that because he's my dad. Really I'm not.

Anyway, for dad and anyone else who doesn't know what Twitter is, here's the video, Twitter in Plain English:

Why should you use it? Is it really important to tell the world, or at least your followers, that you're watching a commercial about Mesothelioma or feeding the piggies? Maybe not, but it's fun.

And Cory - I don't know why you don't always read my blog. Are there really more important things for you to do on the Internet?


  1. I joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago.  To be honest I haven't really got the point of it as yet but I'm working on it!CJ xx

  2. I go through twitter phases....I'll use it for a while and then forget about it for a while.


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