Friday, March 13, 2009

Wish Upon a Hero

I hadn't heard of this site until I saw it on the news tonight - again ABC World News with Charles Gibson. I think it's a great idea, an online community of people helping people. People post wishes which can be answered by 'heroes' who can make those wishes come true. Some wishes are big, some small. To quote Wish Upon a Hero founder Dave Girgenti:
"If you want to become a hero it's as easy as clicking on someone's wish that you are emotionally connected with," Girgenti said. "You never know what your super power is, meaning you never know what you can grant because it's as simple as advice or a birthday card. Anyone can be a hero."

Such a cool idea, huh? Visit Wish Upon a Hero to see if there's someone who needs you - and if you have a wish, maybe you'll find your hero.

Read the ABC News story

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I saw it on the news, but forgot all about it later.


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