Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Weeks!

Two weeks until Cory and I leave for New York with the band. So I've got all these things going through my head - what to pack being the main one. Do I want to wear sweats on the bus or do I have jeans that are comfortable enough to wear all night on the bus and then all day the next day. I'm not really looking forward to that bus ride. We're leaving school at about 3 in the afternoon, driving all night, arriving in New York the next morning and spending the day touring the American Museum of Natural History, Radio City Music Hall and Times Square. We finally get to check in to the hotel at 9:30 that night. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Anyway, I've got two weeks to be ready so I'm making a list of the things that need done:
  • Clean off my SD cards so I have room for lots of pictures
  • Get new batteries for the camera (Jeffrey is supposed to take care of this)
  • Put music and books on MP3 player for the bus ride - there and back
  • Decide what goes in the suitcase and what needs to be in the backpack - because of that not getting to the hotel until the next night thing
  • Decide on snacks to take
  • Find out what the weather is supposed to be like so I know what coat/jacket to wear
  • Convert movies to MP4 so Cory can put them on his Zune (and why can't Cory do this himself? Because he didn't download the converter from Giveaway of the Day even though I told him about it. So, if you know of a good DVD to MP4 converter he can get for free, please let me know. Thanks)
I know it will all come together in the end, but what am I forgetting?

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  1. Okay, quick, go to, click on Tools on the left hand side, under Lists.

    Select DVD to MP4 under the "conversion features" drop down box, and then click search.

    This will give you some options. This site is great for finding video tool, many of which are FREE, although some are trialware.


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