Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Me In to that U2 Concert

The closest I've ever been to aU2 concert is watching them on Good Morning America last week. Watching a concert on TV isn't quite the same as being there, though. For the whole experience, you just have to be there. I could pass on the whole cigarette smoke thing, but I guess that depends on where the concert is held.

Anyway, since U2 just released their new CD No Line On The Horizon and are going on tour again, now is the time to think about getting U2 tickets. The GET ME IN! web site has a list of the concert dates and locations, unfortunately none of them close to me, and fans can buy and sell tickets safely. All transactions are guaranteed.

GET ME IN! is part of Ticketmaster, the world's largest ticketing company, so if you're looking for U2 tickets or you have some to sell, check them out. I guess I'll just have to settle for the new CD, or at least pull out some of my old ones.