Wednesday, March 25, 2009


OK, I've packed, and then I took everything out of the suitcase and packed again. I didn't really change much - just double-checking because I'm obsessive like that. I keep checking the weekend forecast for New York, and it says 60 on Friday, and 52 and 54 the other days. Cory might be taking t-shirts, but that's because he wears t-shirts all the time. I'm going with the long-sleeves because I'm always cold anyway.

I think I'll be fine, and I got it all in the smallest suitcase. Cory is going with a larger suitcase because he needs to put his music stand in, and because it will let him fold his dress shirts and suit jacket a bit neater. Still, when we get to the hotel Friday night, he better hang everything up! It's not like staying in those extended stay hotels where you unpack and settle in, but some things just need to come out of the suitcase.

I can't believe it - we're leaving tomorrow!


  1. Cool. Have a lot of fun on your trip. Tell everyone I say hi!

  2. You have a lot of fun!! Take lots of pictures. I'll look forward to seeing them. Love you!!


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