Sunday, December 20, 2009

Buying Jeans Online

My most recent online purchases were jeans. Yes, jeans. I never really thought about buying jeans online - I mean, you can't try them on or anything, and since all jeans seem to fit differently regardless of the size, it seems like buying jeans online is kind of a gamble.

size 3 LevisI was going to do an entire post about jeans a couple weeks ago, but I never got around to it. Basically, the gist of the whole thing was that I wonder who they make these jeans for anyway. If I get jeans to fit me in the hips, then they gap in the waist - they'll fit fine in the front, but gap way out in the back. Are there women who are actually built that way? So that those jeans fit? There must be, right? Otherwise they wouldn't make and sell them. They just don't fit me. And if I buy a pair of jeans with a little extra room in the legs and hips, then they're way too big in the waist, and I feel like I constantly have to pull them up - or wear a belt, which I don't usually do. I have an old pair of Cory's jeans I wear around the house, and they fit me better than a lot of these jeans that are supposedly designed for women. I don't think I'm built like a guy, but it was enough to make me think maybe I should start buying guy's jeans. Even when I've been wearing them for a couple days, and they stretch out a little, they stay put on my hips and aren't constantly falling down.

Last Sunday we went out to find Cory some black jeans, so I took the opportunity to try some jeans on, too. I tried some guy's jeans on - Levi's 501s, which didn't fit properly, and some 550s which I liked. Cory wasn't completely convinced, so I tried some women's Levi's on too and decided that the 550s in a size 6M are pretty much perfect. So, I found a pair on ebay, paid $12.59, including shipping, which is less than half what they would have cost me in the store, and got them on Friday. They're perfect. They key to buying jeans online is to first know what style and size you need, so you know they'll fit even though you can't try them on. Then you can buy them online and save a lot of money. I am amazed at how many pairs of jeans are available on ebay.

I won another pair later in the week that I haven't received yet, and I'm hoping those are just as good. I already have a pair of Levi's 519s in a size 3L that I grabbed when Beth was getting rid of them (the ones I'm wearing in the pic) - but I'd like them to be just a little bigger, especially in the legs, and shorter - so I bought a pair of black ones in a size 5M. I'm hoping they'll be perfect, too. Remind me to update when I get them. (Update: I got the black jeans, and they fit really well. I was hoping they'd be a little bigger, but I can't tell much difference between the 3s and the 5s - maybe in the thighs)

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  1. You have a problem with jeans at your size; try being my size. I'm built straight up and down--no hips, no thighs, no waist. To get them to fit around the waist, I have to get a size that leaves me with a surplus of fabric at the thighs and a saggy seat. If they fit in the other areas, the waist is so tight that's it uncomfortable. Add to that, I'm between a petite and aregular size. When I was much younger, I did buy men's jeans to wear; they did seem to fit better. I never buy jeans that I can't try on before purchasing.


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