Friday, December 11, 2009

Giveaway at Crazy Working Mom

Our wonderful Looking at the Sky on Friday hostess Tisha was on television this morning! It was on her local ABC affiliate, so I didn't get to see it - but I'm still pretty excited anyway. Hopefully the station will post a video clip or something so those of us who don't live in Arkansas can see her segment.

I'll tell you what else is exciting about her television debut. Tisha was talking about some really great items that would be great to own or get for someone you know, and she's giving away all those gifts on her blog! Check out her giveaway post to see what you could win. I'm really liking that garlic roaster, or the digital picture keychain.

Of course, if you or your friends live in mobile homes or small apartments, you'll want to leave the winning to the rest of us. We wouldn't want you to have more stuff than you need, now would we? (I personally don't live in a small place, but I resemble that remark. Regardless of how much stuff we manage to accumulate, it's still fun to win something new.)

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