Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miss Me?

We got home last night after being gone for about a week - we left last Wednesday morning and drove to Kentucky. We had a long weekend full of activities in Lexington, the Winter Family Weekend sponsored by Church of God Cincinnati & Lexington. We stayed in a really nice hotel, but they wanted us to pay for Internet in the room, which no one was willing to do. There was free wireless in the lobby, but we were too busy to mess with it much anyway.

We spent most of the day Thursday and Friday at the KBA, which is basically a huge gym with multiple courts available. There was basketball for anyone who wanted to play, volleyball, table tennis, dodge ball, games for the kids, and some amazing concessions put together by the organizers. Jeffrey played basketball. I played volleyball, and Cory played volleyball, too - I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of that. What was I thinking? I'm still sore from the volleyball, and my arms are bruised from hitting the ball, but it was a lot of fun. We also got to go next door and roller skate on Thursday, which Cory did while I was playing one of my volleyball games so I missed it, and he played laser tag, too. I skated for about an hour and realized that I hadn't been on skates in ages. I'm probably sore from that, too.

Besides all the sports and activities, there were seminars, a family dance, Sabbath services, a pizza party, some interesting activities Saturday night involving huge inflatable things, and lots of fellowship with old friends and new. The teenagers didn't get much sleep, and some of us adults didn't either!

It was hard to leave, but Sunday morning we got packed up, said a long good-bye to everyone who was left, and headed out to visit my parents. They only live a couple hours from Lexington, so we had to visit them, being so close. We got there not too much past noon and spent the rest of Sunday with them and all day Monday, then left for home Tuesday morning. Luckily, thankfully, the weather was beautiful and the traffic was not so bad - of course, anything would be an improvement over our last trip home from Kentucky - after Thanksgiving last year when the traffic was just horrendous, and the trip took us a whole lot longer than it should have. But, that was last year - yesterday we got home in a reasonable amount of time, considering the parents have to live so far away. It was nice to get home and to sleep in my own bed again!


  1. It was great to see you and for you to share your hugs and snuggles with our younguns!

  2. I miss you!! It was just too short a visit. Cory and I never even had a chance to play Scrabble.
    It was wonderful having you here! Your nieces and nephews sure enjoyed you and Jeff.


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