Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Should've Counted Those Ones

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The Saturday before Thanksgiving was the annual Holiday Bazaar, which is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Band Boosters. We run the concessions and sell all the food, along with selling clothing and spiritwear. I usually make a bunch of cinnamon rolls for this, but we decided not to have any kind of bake sale this year. Instead I made a big pot of chili and chopped a bunch of onions.

Anyway, Jeffrey and I could only stay until about 12:30 - he was selling clothing, and I was working in the kitchen (kinda brings back memories of college) - so I didn't get the cash box back until the day before Thanksgiving. With all the cooking and eating and cleaning up involved with Thanksgiving, I didn't get to even looking at the money until Monday when I went through all the cash. Thankfully, the lady who always takes care of the money at the Bazaar had already counted everything and banded most of the bills. I started re-counting everything, but it was all coming out right, so I stopped after the bigger bills and didn't bother to count the ones.

I got all the checks and money from the clothing Monday night and got a deposit together and finally got to the bank this morning. Yes, it's a good thing we don't do these fundraiser all the time, because it takes me way more time than it probably should getting everything put together - but then maybe I'd get better at it if I did it more often. Anyway, I got to the bank and everything came out right - all the checks added up correctly, all the change added right, all the big bills, but then they got to the ones. One stack had an extra one, and another stack was missing 9 - so my total was $8 off. There were 3 or 4 ladies counting all that cash, so I know they got it right, and they seemed happy to have something to do. But still - I should've counted those ones.

I also just want to say that Zemanta is looking all new and spiffy today - and the 'related article' really isn't related, I just wanted to grab it for the recipe idea.
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