Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Son the T-Shirt Designer

I mentioned in my last post that Cory got a box of 60 t-shirts this week. Now, the boy loves his t-shirts, but there's no way he needed 60 t-shirts for himself. These t-shirts are for him and a whole bunch of his friends.

A while back Cory and one of his friends came up with an idea for a shirt - no, it wasn't "visit new york", I think that one's already been done. They wanted their shirt to say i'm pretty good at hugs. So Cory put together a design, tweaked the design, got everyone's opinion, and finally settled on the exact, perfect design. Then, he started taking orders - the more shirts he ordered the better the price was for everyone. Well, the orders and the checks started coming in, and before he knew it, he had 60 shirts ordered!

He ordered them from, and they turned out really nice. They make it really easy to design the shirts and get the exact look you want, and they have all kinds of products to choose from. Cory went with the Hanes tagless T. The price is determined not only by the product you choose, but also by the number of items you order, the more you order the better the price. With a 60 piece order, Cory got all these for around $10/shirt, which is really good. And shipping is FREE - gotta love that. Also, their customer service is top rate. If you have a group that needs custom designed shirts (or shorts or hats or bags or...) I'd suggest checking them out. (and, NO, they aren't paying me to say so)

Cory was so excited to get these, he had to wear his to school the next day - and came home with a list of 20 more people who want one. Me, I didn't order one or want one, because I'm not really a hugger. Cory, on the other hand, has always been a huge hugger - and apparently so are his friends.

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