Monday, December 21, 2009

They Should Have to Buy Condoms

Last week the Milwaukee school board decided that they would make free condoms available in the schools. Some people worry that making condoms available will encourage teenagers to have sex. Others argue that teenagers are going to have sex, so the most important thing is to make sure they're safe. I personally hate that attitude and the whole idea that we really can't expect teenagers to have any standards or values. That attitude may actually be what encourages teens to have sex, because after all, if everyone thinks they're already doing it, and clearly everyone else is already doing it, then they might as well go ahead and do it, right?

I suppose the ones who are going to have sex are going to have it, so giving them condoms isn't going to change anything there. It just seems that if we're going to be all accepting (which I'm really not) of teenagers engaging in an adult activity, that they should be expected to step up, be responsible, and actually buy condoms instead of having someone hand them out for FREE. Handing out free condoms may or may not encourage teenagers to have sex, but it seems to encourage them to expect something for nothing and really doesn't encourage responsibility.

At least the taxpayers won't be paying.

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  1. All contraception in UK is always free, including condoms. Yet we still have an awful high rate of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases!


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