Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is that Smell?

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I want to say a big Thank You to Febreze for sending me their Febreze Sport to try. I got the Extreme Odor Eliminator, along with a nifty Febreze sport bag and a water bottle. All they asked was that I share my opinion - and fill out that little survey card (which I have to find) and mail it back to them.

I jumped at the chance to try this stuff - not because we're big on sports around here, though Jeffrey does play basketball with the guys in the winter. I thought it would be handy for that, but I was really thinking it would come in handy controlling the odors found in tennis shoes worn by a certain teenage boy. Febreze Sport is designed to be used on things you can't really wash, like shoes, gym bags, and other sports equipment. Febreze says it 'penetrates deep into fabrics and contains scientifically designed X-Sweat™ Technology to neutralize sports odors at the source.' All I know is that it works.

I was putting my own shoes on one day, getting ready to leave the house when I noticed a particularly unpleasant smell. I finally tracked it down to a pair of shoes belonging to that teenage boy I mentioned before. So, I sprayed them with the Febreze Sport, which has a very fresh, pleasant smell, by the way. It's not some perfumey smell that attempts to cover up the offending odor, because I'd hate that. Of course, since it's designed to be used by athletes, many of whom are guys, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't appreciate that either. Anyway, very neutral fresh smell, and it took care of that teenage guy feet odor really well. (teenage guy feet odor? did I really say that?)

I'm really glad I got a chance to try this out on Cory's shoes, because if I hadn't I might have had to mention the smell my shoes gave off this summer. Sweaty feet, no socks - not a good idea. But now I won't have to mention that and let you all know that my feet sometimes stink, too. I'm so relieved. And you can't prove it anyway, because I sprayed Frebreze Sport in my shoes!

When Jeffrey starts back into playing basketball next month, we'll get a chance to try it on his sports equipment, too. I think this Febreze Sport is going to be handy to have around.
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  2. Awesome! I love trying new stuff. The guy from Trident Layers sent me a t shirt and a journal for the "holidays". I was pleasantly surprised. Let me know if the Febreeze works. I have two boys with sweaty feet!

  3. Febreeze is awesome stuff!
    Surely your feet don't stink... you're just saying that to makes others feel better... right? ;-)


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