Monday, December 07, 2009

We Need to Do This

We keep getting calls from our life insurance agent. Every once in a while he likes to sit down with us and reassess our coverage. It's a good idea - just to make sure we have the coverage we need and that everything looks good. We have some term life insurance and some whole life, or whatever they call the other kind, the kind that is supposedly an investment. However, we recently talked to someone who said that the investment kind is not really a good deal. We only bought it at the time because I knew we'd never save any money otherwise. Now I'm wondering if we can actually ever get our hands on that money.

I guess that's why we're supposed to sit down with our agent and go over things - except that we never actually get around to scheduling a time to sit down and do it. It seems there's always something else we have to do, like the choir concert tonight, or Jeffrey's work schedule is crazy, or we just don't feel like actually doing something at the end of the day. I do need to get with Jeffrey and make him pick a time and get this over with. Really.

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  1. Well so I see you are still busy. I love readign abotuthe kitties,,, I still have my 2 boys and when Fawn moved back in she brought twinkie.. she is little and the boys were not too happy when she came,, BUT NOW they think she is the cats meow,, although Lucas thinks he is her daddy... have a great hoilday... keep warm.


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