Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Day Workout

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The annual December 1st snowstorm was a few days late this year. At least it seems like we're always supposed to have snow on December 1st, because we did for at least 3 years in a row (that I can verify by checking old posts - 2008 - 2007, which mentions 2006). This year we got the first real winter storm of the season today. Actually it came in last night and snowed all night long. Because the snow was forecast and already falling, school for today was already canceled by about 9:30 last night. So Cory slept in.

Jeffrey and I got up at (about) regular time and went out to shovel the driveway, so he could leave for work. The snow was deep, wet, and heavy - worst of all was the end of the driveway where it was twice as deep and packed because that's where the plow went through. There are times when people in the neighborhood just drive through the snow without shoveling their driveways, but that wasn't an option for anyone this morning. I'm not sure exactly how much snow we got overnight because I didn't take anything out to measure it, but it had me wondering why there isn't some kind of ruler on a snow shovel. Just stick it in the snow and you can see how many inches you got. That would be really handy. Instead I just stuck the handle of the shovel next to the snow and noted where it hit. I just have to remember to get a measuring tape out and measure that later.

Anyway, It took the two of us quite a while to get the driveway cleaned off. All the while wet snow continued to come down, so that the driveway was already white by the time we finished, and we were both soaked. And that was just the beginning - later after Cory got up, we went out and shoveled again. It was about half as deep as it was before, and it wasn't quite as wet and heavy, so it went quicker. Cory got to clean out in front of the mailbox, which was still that deep, heavy wet stuff pushed there by the plow. It was only fair since he slept through the first shoveling of the day, right?

Then I went out again this evening and shoveled again - by myself this time because it wasn't really that deep - except for the end of the driveway where the plow had gone through again. I know the snow plow has to do its thing, but I hate shoveling that off the driveway. It's deep and heavy, and the sides of the driveway where I need to throw the snow are piled higher than everywhere else so that it's almost impossible to throw the snow up and off the driveway.

I'm thinking I seriously got a workout or two today - and it's still snowing so I'll probably have to clean the driveway off again in the morning. And tomorrow morning it's going to be a lot colder than it was this morning.

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  1. Ohhh I wish we could be guaranteed snow each year like this.. it looks wonderful :)

  2. The snow really is pretty, but it's a lot of work, too. I'd miss it if I didn't get to see snow at least once during the winter.


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