Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Cereal (Almost) and Expiring Coupons

I went shopping today. I was thinking I could put it off for a couple weeks, but I just couldn't resist the cereal they were practically giving away at Pick 'n Save. They had Kellogg's, Keebler, Sunshine products on sale for $2.50 each, and if you bought 8, you automatically saved $10, bringing them down to $1.25 each. That's a really good deal already - but add some coupons, and it's even better, especially on double coupon day. Actually, I didn't get all cereal, but I ended up with 16 boxes of cereal, crackers, cereal bars, and Pop Tarts for $2.50. Can't hardly beat that!

I had to go to the store twice to do it, but it's on my way, so I went there first, then went and got the oil changed, air filters and fluids checked, and whatever else they do, and got the van washed too. I almost hate to wash it this time of year because it's just going to get all messy again the next time it snows, but it was a clear, sunny, albeit cold day - so it was a good day to do it. After that I went to Walmart to grab some stuff, then went back to Walgreens where I earned a $5 Register Rewards certificate I didn't know I was getting, so I didn't plan my shopping to use it. And, for some reason, it expires on Sunday. Now I haven't been to Walgreens and gotten any of these Register Rewards for a while now, but didn't they used to give you 2 weeks to use them? Even that was stretching it for me because I don't always get there within 2 weeks, but this is ridiculous. Luckily Jeffrey has a Walgreens right across the street from work and passes another one on the way home, so I told him that he has $5 he has to spend in the next couple days. I'm sure he'll find something he wants.

Then after Walgreens back to Pick 'n Save to get more cereal and crackers for next to nothing, and other stuff, like potatoes, onions, cream cheese, tortillas, etc. I bought 4 Tombstone pizzas the first time so I could get a coupon for a free California Pizza Kitchen or Digiorno flatbread melt, so I grabbed that - and it's a good thing I did, because that coupon expired next week. Again, they used to give you two weeks to use them. I also used my coupon for free Silk Heart Healthy soy milk that I won from Pookie and the Boys. I'm pretty sure I'll get to enjoy that all by myself, along with that flatbread melt - I bought a really good-looking spinach one that no one will fight me for! Hopefully, though, they'll like the cereal and crackers I picked, because it would take me a year to eat all of that by myself.