Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've been logging my miles with BeeWell for Life since the beginning of April last year, and tomorrow I will hit the 500 mile mark.   I've been walking practically every morning now for 17 years.  I wish I had logged all those miles - just to know how many miles I've walked.  I suppose I could do the math...

If it takes about 13 months to walk 500 miles, how many miles will I have walked in 17 years?  Sounds too much like a word problem, doesn't it?  Anyone who wants to solve it, feel free.  I'll just be happy that all that walking means I don't need diet pills!

...and I'll probably end up doing the math, just because.
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  1. I did the math two different ways (to make sure I was right), and I've come up with the result that you have walked approximately 7,845 miles in 17 years! You ROCK! Now if I could just make sure you always have that camera with you ;-)


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