Monday, April 12, 2010

Pizza and 4N6

We're having pizza for dinner tonight.  It's Family Night for the Forensics team, where we all get together, eat, and they show us what they've been up to this year.  It's nice that they do this, because otherwise we'd never see them perform.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Cory and Jenna.  They were really awesome last year - even got 6th at State in Ripon.  This year they are hoping to improve on that.  They've had some disappointing meets, usually because some judge just doesn't seem to like them, their piece, or their style.  That is the problem with judged events - they're so subjective.  Most of their meets have been very positive, though, and they've gotten really good scores.  Their main complaint is that the judges haven't given them any constructive criticism, nothing to work on to improve.  Luckily they have a really good teacher at school who is a lot of help in that regard.

At one of their meets Cory and Jenna got all perfect scores.  The judges all loved them.  Cory found out how much later.  One of the judges is the Forensics coach for another school, and Cory has friends on that team.  One of them told him that their coach had raved about him and Jenna all the way back to school after that meet!!  How cool is that?  And I haven't seen them perform yet.  One night after a meet Cory acted out the whole thing by himself, but since it's a 2-person play-acting piece, it was kind of missing a really important component - Jenna!  It was pretty funny with just Cory, but I'm sure it will be better with the two of them.

I should also probably mention that the rest of the team isn't half bad either.  They all qualified for State, except for their Foreign  Exchange student.  And you really have to admire someone who doesn't speak English as well as the natives and still puts herself out there and does something like this.