Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I Didn't Blog About

This week:
  • Beth & Tim signed a lease for an apartment, so she'll be moving out soon.
  • Jeffrey got a new motorcycle.
  • Pick 'n Save doubled 10 manufacturer's coupons on Wednesday, instead of the usual 5 - and I made sure I had 10 $1 coupons.
  • Cappuccino Heath is my favorite Blizzard flavor - coffee, chocolate and Heath bar.  We had to make sure we got to DQ this week for the buy one Blizzard get one for 25¢ deal.  And a large Blizzard is good for at least two nights - just don't freeze it with the spoon in.
  • They found out today at school that one of the students has scabies.  She's in the play with Cory and was trying on all the costumes yesterday.  Everyone was freaking out at school.
  • Tomorrow we have to go to Whitewater for State Solo & Ensemble where Cory will be singing a solo and playing with the Sax Quartet.
  • and, I've been spending way too much time researching flights to and hotels in Vegas - trying to decide if we really should go and, if so, where we should stay.  It would be nice to get away, because we never do anything like that, but then again - Jeffrey bought a new motorcycle this week.  Do we really want to spend the money on a trip?  Or do we just stay home, buy those Santana tickets and ride the new bike to Summerfest so we can park for free?


  1. Since scabies can live in clothing, bedding and towels, all items that were in contact with the infected person should be washed in hot water with detergent and dried in a hot dryer.

  2. WOW - you've got LOTS going on! That's freaky about the Scabies thing! Awesome about the motorcycle! What'd he get?

  3. You sound like a busy gal! I just went to Las Vegas for a wedding a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. I think you should definitely take the trip; there is just so much to see and do. I create personalized party favors from home and I created the labels for all the chocolate bar favors for my niece’s wedding. We were in Vegas for about 3 days and I could have spent a week there and still had more to do and see.


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