Friday, April 16, 2010

In The Snake Oil Business

Apparently most of my friends don't believe I'd really be sending them links to random websites selling Canadian Pharmaceuticals, which is a good thing.  Because I wouldn't.  But someone or something did.  I started getting facebook messages and emails from people asking me about the email I sent - asking what the link was about.  Then I started noticing a bunch of Returned Mail notifications in my inbox.

Yep, someone sent these out using my email address - to everyone in my address book.  When I tried checking to see if they'd actually been sent from my email, I found that there were NO emails in my Sent folder.  I found a few really old ones in my Trash folder, but that had been mostly emptied, too.  I immediately changed my email password, hoping that if someone actually did log in and mess with my email, he at least wouldn't be able to do it again.  But there's nothing I can do about all those emails that went out.  I wish there were some kind of KVM switches or Global UNDO buttons I could use to call them all back.

Hopefully most of my friends were smart enough not to click, and if they did click, hopefully it wasn't something really bad like a virus or a worm.  Spam emails advertising Viagra are bad enough.

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