Friday, April 30, 2010

Between the Memes

I had some posts in my head today - while I was cleaning.   But I cleaned and didn't post anything.  And then I ran out of time because we had to go to school, because tonight was opening night of Cory's play, Night of the Living Beauty Pageant.  Cleaning was because it needed it, and because the Cast Party is here tomorrow night.  The whole time I was cleaning I was wondering if I'm not doing things backward.  I mean, people are coming over, things will get messed up, and I'll just need to clean again.  Maybe I should just wait?  Except that cats and cat litter and bathrooms... well, things did need cleaned.

Overall the play went really well.  It was fun to see how some of the kids really stepped it up from the other night in rehearsal.  Things came together really well, even though it didn't look too promising earlier in the week.  Cory is a natural on the stage and fun to watch no matter what he is doing. (and Jenna, too!)

(Hey!  I was liking the new add an image dialog.  What happened?  It's back to the old one.)

Anyway, opening night went well.  Two more performances, so that's what we're doing this weekend - and concessions for a track meet tomorrow.   (Yay, fundraisers)

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